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Work at Home Benefits and Tips

Telecommuting has become an efficient way to get work done without ever having to step into an office. Consultants and freelancers work from home and now workers in other job sectors are realizing the benefits of working from home. Thanks to the advancement in technology, work can be taken anywhere from a home office to a sundeck by the pool.

Employers benefit from employees working from home by reducing costs to office space and office supplies. They’ll also benefit from the increase in productivity from employees, because offering a flexible work schedule offers employees a better management of their work and home lives. Happier employees leads to healthier employees which can reduce costs of health insurance for employers.

Employees save money by reducing their fuel costs, first and foremost. Think of all the gas money you can save by not commuting to work every day. With gas prices as high as they are right now, reducing this expense makes a huge difference in your bank account. Employees with children also see a reduction in their child care costs. Since they’re home they don’t have to pay a nanny to pick up their kids from school or take them to their after school activities.

On a personal level, working at home offers a number of personal benefits such as spending more time with your children, getting more personal time for yourself and getting more work done.

If your job offers you the option to work from home, here are some tips to keep you productive and free from distraction:

• Set Up Your Office Hours: Keeping things on schedule will help you organize your tasks and help get them done on time
• Set Up an Office Space: Have an area in the house solely for your office work. That way, when you work in that area you won’t be distracted by other things around your house
• Make Others at Home Aware of Your Work Schedule: This will prevent you from getting disrupted while you work
• Dress Up: While some like to work in their pajamas, others prefer to dress up like they’re going to the office when they work at home. This motivates people to start their work, and once they’re done they can really relax by slipping into those pajamas that are right down the hall in their bedroom
• Keep in Touch with Co-Workers- Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you’re not part of your team at work. Email, text or call co-workers and schedule a lunch to catch up with them
• Take Breaks: Schedule time to take breaks. Work out at home if you have gym equipment, or go for a short walk around your block. You can also use this time to catch up on household chores like laundry, cleaning or grocery shopping

Working from home, whether its full-time or part-time, is the perfect way to balance work and home life and live on your own schedule. It’s cost effective for employers and employees see a major increase in their productivity. It’s a win-win for both, so if you haven’t considered working from home already, what’s keeping you back?

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