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Good Ideas and Bad Ideas to Ponder

How many of you watched the show “The Animaniacs” as a kid or with your kids? If you have, think back to the bit “Good Idea/Bad Idea.” This entry is like that, only with more focus and less fire. If you are unaware of the show, this bit is exactly like what it sounds. Listing a good idea and then a terrible idea that usually yields unfortunate results. For example, good idea: going to a sports bar to cheer on your team. Bad idea: going to the opposing team’s sports bar to cheer on your team.

These good idea/bad ideas may seem like common sense, but knowing how some people are these days, you know they happen somewhere. If you have ever seen a warning label on something and gone “well duh,” it’s because someone somewhere has done that very thing. Hopefully these provide some good insights on what not to do while providing a good laugh.

  • Good Idea: Creating a Spark Hire profile.
  • Bad Idea: Creating a Spark Hire profile and not recording a Profile Video.
  • Good Idea: Adjusting the privacy settings on your Facebook page to private and not handing out your password.
  • Bad Idea: Giving your friend’s Facebook password to their potential employers so they can get around that setting.
  • Good Idea: Have the writing center take a look at your resume.
  • Bad Idea: Have a friend who also does not have a job take a look at your resume.
  • Good Idea: Take notes at work just like you do in class.
  • Bad Idea: Doodling at work like you do in class.
  • Good Idea: Bringing leadership and good working habits learned from college into your work.
  • Bad Idea: Bringing your party expertise and drinking habits from college into your work.
  • Good Idea: Researching competitors in your industry.
  • Bad Idea: Giving them your company’s name.
  • Good Idea: Bringing your lunch to work.
  • Bad Idea: Leaving your lunch at work until it starts growing things.
  • Good Idea: Searching for a new job responsibly on your own time.
  • Bad Idea: Searching for a new job while at work.
  • Good Idea: Accepting a job that will challenge you.
  • Bad Idea: Not taking the time to learn about getting better at said job.
  • Good Idea: Learning how to balance work and life responsibilities.
  • Bad Idea: Not…learning how to balance work and life responsibilities.

You get the idea. Here’s a hint, if you’re not sure if something is a good idea or a bad idea, ask. If it sounds like a bad idea, then it probably is a bad idea. Use your best judgment in making decisions and avoid the slippery slope to unemployment. I’m willing to bet you do not want to start that search again.

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Christopher Comella

Christopher earned his BA in Political Science from DePaul University in 2011, and is no stranger to writing and deadlines. One of his greatest assets is to add humor to even the driest of subjects, which is why half of his professors love him and the other half hated his work.