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What You Don’t Want to Say in an Interview

Job interviews are stressful. Whether you are extremely qualified or not, it is always a bit nerve wracking to go into one especially if you’re unprepared. It’s even worse if you slip up and say a number of things you’re not supposed to say during a job interview. It is always best practice to go into an interview prepared and well-informed on a company’s practices and beliefs. However, this doesn’t always happen and this is when it’s a good idea to read up on what not to say in an interview.

What does your company do?
The worst thing you can do is go into a job interview uninformed about a company and that question will certainly ring an alarm in any interviewer’s head. Before going into any interview, read up on the company’s policies and contributions. If you’re serious about getting a job at a particular company, you will do this regardless. However, if this is just a temporary job you don’t much care for, at the very least skim over what they do so the interviewer sees you are a bit informed.

What kind of benefits will I get?
Employers want to know what you have to offer them, not the other way around. Try to focus on the contributions you’ve made in your past jobs and how you would be an asset to the current position you’re interviewing for. Asking about benefits and promotions right away makes it seem as if you’re only interested in the job for the money. Do not bring up the subject until the interviewer does.

I left my last job because I hated my boss.
This may be the number one thing not to say in an interview. Never badmouth your former employer or workplace. Even if your last job was indeed, the worst job you’ve ever had, telling an interviewer this is a big mistake. It will just make you look unprofessional. If the subject comes up, stay neutral and say that you and your former boss had differences of opinion or that you were just looking for a change.

Do not get personal during an interview.
A job interview serves to find out more about you as an employee and what you can bring to the table, not your family or medical history. Even if the interviewer begins to get personal, make sure not to do the same. Instead, stick to the facts about your work history and what skills you can bring to the current position.

Above all else, make sure to go into an interview focused and prepared. Reading up and doing your research on what not to say in an interview will certainly put you ahead of the pack. It’s also great to remember that these kinds of interview tips also apply to online interviews like the ones conducted on Spark Hire. With online interviewing, the same rules apply as in traditional interviews. You want to dress professionally, be prepared and you want to avoid saying any of the above things. Plus, creating a video resume on Spark Hire is one of the best ways to set yourself ahead of the pack, which is definitely what you want.

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