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College Career Counseling Centers

Today’s entry is going to be a little short, I just wanted to make a quick point. When I started college I felt like I was “too cool for school” and ignored any help from DePaul’s career center. Yeah, that was a mistake I caught right away. Did you know that part of your university’s goal is to help you land a job? That’s why they have so many tools for you to take advantage of, such as career centers and job fairs. Another tool I want to talk about, however, is the utilization of your school’s career counselors.

Normally found in your career centers, these trained staff members are there for one purpose: to help you land a job. What they have is invaluable experience on their side to help you. They can work with you one-on-one to fix a resume, help design a cover letter, show the advantages of a certain career path and utilize many other tools to help you get on the right career track. Like other counselors, career counselors are trained to help you if you’re experiencing job loss, work fatigue or transition issues within your job. This way you can gain some positive and constructive ways to deal with career problems.

A lot of times, career counselors will utilize a series of tests that gauge aptitude, personality and achievement potential to get a better understanding of the direction you are going. The educational part about all of this is that if you do not like the results, you can find out now and work on changing them for later. Counselors are also able help you with your job search by providing you with a number of tips and new ways to discover the best way to find jobs or internships.

Remember, schools want their students to find jobs as quickly as possible. It looks good for the university when their students land employment, and it works better for the students when they can pay off their tuition. It’s a good idea to take advantage of any and all free tools your school offers. Plus, it is a great way to gain the competitive edge over others who decide to go without the free help.

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Christopher Comella

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