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The Importance of a Cover Letter

Cover letters are extremely important in this hiring climate. With more people simply churning out dozens of resumes to any available job, a cover letter can be what sets you apart from all the other candidates. Writing a cover letter can show that you’re serious about your inquiry and more importantly, it showcases your communication and writing skills- two skills that are essential to many jobs nowadays. Making sure to tailor a cover letter to each specific job is very important.

The personalization that a cover letter entails surpasses most of what a resume can do. While having an impressive, well-polished resume is important, employers like to see how a candidate’s past experiences can be linked to a job opening. That is where writing a cover letter comes in. Cover letters can be used to briefly explain why you are a good fit for the position and showcase any accomplishments that are proof of this.

A well written cover letter can also display your communication skills and how effectively you would be able to communicate if you were hired. Right off the bat, an employer will get a sense of your style and it may be the deciding factor between you and another candidate. If you can effectively communicate who you are, what you do and why you are the best person for the job then an employer is more likely to look over your resume and contact you for an interview.

Writing a cover letter that is customized for a particular company will show the hiring manager that you are serious about obtaining this job. Employers are more willing to speak with someone who conveys a genuine interest in their needs. That is why writing a general cover letter for all the jobs you apply for is a bad idea. In addition, they are most likely looking for someone who will contribute and help them succeed, and a well written cover letter conveying this message will certainly put you ahead of the pack.

Though a well-qualified candidate with the right experience may be perfect for a particular job, a typo or unprofessional cover letter will surpass the qualifications. You need to remember that the cover letter is the first thing most employers see and if they don’t like the way you communicate or come across, a perfect resume will make no difference. Writing a cover letter should be done with a great deal of care. Make sure to remember to sound professional, keep it brief and mention why you would be a good fit for the company and their needs. If you don’t feel like you can fully capture your personality in a cover letter, then think about adding a Spark Hire Profile Video to your resume. You can send it along to companies with your resume and cover letter and it allows for them to learn so much more about you than they could from just reading your documents. Sign up for free today and create your own Profile Video as you search for jobs!

SOURCE: Exposing Cover Letter Myths

Stephanie Becerra

Stephanie Becerra is a Chicago native. She spent a couple of years working in social services before she realized that her passion was in writing. She is now writing full-time. When she has free time she enjoys reading and also listening to records on her dusty record player.

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