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Do Your Homework Before the Interview

Did you know there is much more to applying for jobs than just “point” and “click?” It is VITAL that you know more about the company than just what they have listed in their bio.

Finding information about any company is fairly easy. Most companies have websites with an “About” section or a “follow us” section, usually complete with a Facebook, Twitter or even an RSS Feed. Some might even have a “Blog” area. Blogs are an excellent source because they are usually quick reads with career tips and insider viewpoints on the job market. The more you know about a company going into the interview, the easier it will be for the company to assess the longevity of your career with them. Knowing as much as you can about the job and its basic functions before going into the interview helps as well.

Here is a great example for you loyal readers. A friend of mine, we’ll call her Lauren, took this advice and ran with it. Before she started her full time job at Company X, she followed the company’s Twitter feed and its employees, read about the company’s past, current and future projects and got her hands on every scrap of news pertaining to the company she could find. At the interview, Lauren surprised them with her knowledge and understanding of the company. Right now, her job is helping them and their partners promote the London Olympics. Lauren stood out from the other candidates because she did the extra work to gain that competitive edge. If you’re not sensing a theme amongst these entries, it’s competitive edge.

Impress the pants off of any recruiter at a career fair or interview with this type of knowledge and you should be on the right track to landing your dream job. The information is out there because companies want you to know it. Take advantage of the free information and use it to gain the inside track on other candidates.

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Christopher Comella

Christopher earned his BA in Political Science from DePaul University in 2011, and is no stranger to writing and deadlines. One of his greatest assets is to add humor to even the driest of subjects, which is why half of his professors love him and the other half hated his work.

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