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How To Get a Job That Pays Well

It is the widespread belief that in order to secure a job that pays well, you must toil away in school and classes for years and years. Though this may be true for some professions, it is not for all. While spending years in school is necessary to gain a well paying job in the medical field, for example, other jobs just require a bit of creative thinking in order to gain the salary you desire.

Take a look at some of these jobs that pay really well. Some of them require a long investment in education before you can get them, but others don’t require much at all.

If you are indeed one of those people who enjoy going to class, studying and taking exams, then a career in gastroenterology or podiatry might be for you. Though both are areas of medicine that many seem to shy away from due to the areas in which they specialize in, the pay more than makes up for it. As a gastroenterologist, your day will be filled with colonoscopy and prostate exams. Neither of these are too much fun for you or your patient. However, at a yearly salary of up to $269,500 per year, it seems well worth the sacrifice. Podiatry on the other hand, deals with the treatment and study of feet including bunions, ingrown toenails and ulcers. But again, at a salary of $149,527, this is definitely another job that makes up for the downside.

If years of school isn’t your thing, there are plenty of career options that will bring about the pay you desire. If you’re looking for a fun and interesting job that pays well, why not try your hand at winemaking? The annnual salary is $93,000 a year with general requirements including a bachelor’s degree in oenology, the study of making wine, and a strong knowledge of the technical aspects of winemaking. Perks include a great salary and the chance to produce and taste fine wine from all over the country.

Another job that pays well, this time with absolutely no schooling required, is a home aides supervisor. With an average salary of $63,400, not even a high school diploma is required with all training being conducted on the job by supervisors and registered nurses. Home aides supervisors essentially monitor health aides and the care they provide to their patients. Though this can be a tough job in terms of physical demands and exposure to infections, the personal satisfaction of helping those in need can be rewarding.

So whether you’re looking to spend years in school or skip schooling altogether in order to secure a job that pays well, there is probably a niche out there for you. You just have to know how and where to look.

SOURCE: Daily Finance, Business Pundit
IMAGE: Courtesy of Michael Shlumberger

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