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Creative Resume Ideas

Spark Hire has introduced a new way to search and apply for jobs. Video integration such as the Spark Hire Profile Video allows you to bring yourself and your personality right to the forefront so employers can learn more about you than they could from just your resume. However, that doesn’t mean that your resume has to stay static and boring. With new, creative ways of doing things it only makes sense that people start to focus on making their resumes more creative and visually appealing also.

Of course, a creative and bright resume doesn’t work for every job. If you are a corporate banker or are looking for a position like it that requires a more traditional approach, then the plain old white, bulleted, Times New Roman resume is probably the best option for you. However, if you are looking for a creative position such as a graphic designer or photographer, then a unique resume is almost expected. Creative resumes can also be great options for technology or social media positions such as a Community Manager or a Social Media Specialist. These jobs are rooted in new, technological advances so it only makes sense that the resumes for them be advanced as well.

Take a look at some of these creative resume ideas and start thinking about how you can revamp your resume today!

Traditionally, all resumes were formatted almost exactly the same. Your name is the header, with your address and contact information below. Then, under various other bolded headers you listed your skills and experiences in bulleted lines. This is all fine and great, but there are so many other, different ways you can format your resume. It doesn’t have to be linear or sequential. Instead, you can make more use of the space you have on your one-page and mix things up a bit. Think about different formats you can use such as a pie chart, a timeline or any other non-traditional formats.

The font you use doesn’t have to be Times New Roman. You can play with a whole pile of fonts that are available to you. The only disclaimer I feel necessary to give is that you should make sure the font you use isn’t hard on the eyes and difficult to read. Before you send your resume out, have a different set of eyes look at it and have them tell you whether or not they can clearly read everything on it.

Amidst a sea of black and white documents, a burst of color is likely welcomed. Plus, adding color to your resume is a great way to leave an impression on the recruiter or employer. Again, you don’t want to be obnoxious in the colors you use and you certainly don’t want anyone to have to strain to see the text. Keep the neon and fluorescent to a minimum and, much like the previous tip, have someone else look at it before you send it off to ensure it’s not too hard to digest.

Adding graphics to your resume, especially if you are a graphic designer or photographer, is a great way for you to show the employer some of your creativity. Use graphics that you created or designs that you yourself designed. It’s a great way to blend your portfolio skills in with your resume.

Like I said before, a creative resume isn’t for everybody, but if you think you can pull it off in a neat, professional way then by all means, do it! Employers are very likely to remember your resume if it stands out from all the rest. Plus, you should definitely remember that Spark Hire’s video integration is another great way to stand out from the crowd. By adding a Profile Video in along with your resume, companies can get a glimpse of your personality and communication skills, which are both very important components in the hiring process. Sign up with Spark Hire today and record your own Profile Video to boost your resume and applications.

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