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With JustAbout.Co, All Small Businesses Can Have A Webpage

When starting a small business, there are a ton of things to worry about. Money, hiring, building premises and so much more. Now, thanks to a new startup company called JustAbout.Co, small businesses no longer have to worry about creating and generating their own websites.

JustAbout.Co is like an website for businesses. Created by Arianna O’Dell and Ludo Antonov, the site “allows business owners, service providers, and individuals to create a beautiful website in seconds. Getting started is simple” as stated on their site. With JustAbout.Co, visitors can get a visual and a textual idea of what your business is about. On top of that, the one page allows businesses to link to all of their other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Places and other company websites. “There are so many businesses today that have yet to establish a web pretense simply because they think it’s too hard or too expensive to be online,” said O’Dell. “We don’t think this should be the case.”

According to Venture Beat, there are a ton of tools available to small businesses to help them create webpages, but before JustAbout.Co, none of them covered the two most important components. “1) Dead-simple ease of use and 2) a laser focus on beautiful and modern design.” The founders of JustAbout.Co stated that their site is great because it gives more businesses more ways to connect with online content that already exists.

JustAbout.Co is currently free, but within the next few months they will be releasing premium upgrades for businesses that want to get their own custom domains and a lot more. “We’re still playing around with what should be an upgrade and what should be freemium,” said O’Dell. If you’re a small business or just interested in the site, take a look at it for yourself:

SOURCE: Venture Beat

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