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How to Get on Your Boss’s Good Side

We all want to be on our boss’s good side, but we don’t want to be a suck up or a boss’s pet. We also don’t want to be on their bad side. Finding a way to be on their good side without being too close for comfort is a tricky situation. There are ways to get on their good side without being deemed a suck up at the office. There are also ways to make you stand out from the rest of the employees without directing anger and jealousy from other coworkers. Everyone wants to be on their boss’s good side because they’re the person that gets you promoted, gives you a raise, or determines whether you get another job based on their reference.

Your boss, like your coworkers, sees you on a daily basis. They see you when you come into work and they see you when you leave. They notice if you’re there early or leave late. They notice if you come into work with a smile or slumped over like a dark cloud is hanging over you. It’s these little things that build your reputation. So don’t ignore the little stuff. Avoid coming into work late to avoid looking unprofessional. Getting into work early will be an advantage because it shows your dedication and so does leaving work late. Be friendly to everyone. Reputation is a major factor and if coworkers mention that you aren’t an approachable or friendly person, your boss will take notice. Spell check all your emails and return phone calls and emails promptly. These little things go a long way.

Take initiative and put yourself out there. Managers are looking for employees that do what it takes to get the job done. They want someone who is reliable and unafraid of what gets thrown at them. No task should be too daunting for you to take. Handling confrontation, competition and criticism shouldn’t scare you. Putting yourself out there and making yourself heard and visible will get your boss’s attention and they’ll take notice of your actions to get the job done.

Part of taking the initiative is to be innovative. Being able to find solutions from an angle nobody else was looking at will make you stand out and  become a valuable asset to your organization. Being creative and looking for solutions from all angles will set you apart from the rest in a good way. Maintaining focus and never giving up when something becomes hard will show you’re cool under pressure.

Above all else, avoid being a complainer and a whiner. This will only show you’re inability to cope with stress. Instead, take a deep breath and think it through. Also, having a thick skin and not taking things personally will demonstrate that you aren’t fragile and easy to offend. You want to be tough, but approachable. Having a thick skin will help you take criticism and constructive feedback better. You don’t want your boss to feel like they’re walking on egg shells when it comes to giving you feedback. You want to be able to take any type of feedback because this will help you become a better employee.

SOURCE: Business Insider
IMAGE: Courtesy of the Fool’s Crusade

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