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How to Cut Commuting Costs

Commuting is a huge part of our daily lives. It’s also a big expense. Prices for gas and transportation services seem to be going up and making a dent in our wallets. We’d all like to save some money. Here are some ways to cut your commuting costs and save you money and even some time when it comes to making it to and from work.

If you drive to work, you already know how expensive it can be to commute. There’s nothing you can do to make gas prices lower, but you can do things to reduce the amount of gas of you use. Keeping your car maintained can ensure that you’re not using more gas than you need to. It’ll also save you from future car repairs if you maintain your car and keep it in a good condition on a daily basis. The stop and go of bumper to bumper rush hour traffic is a huge gas waster. Leave earlier to work to avoid rush hour. If you have a flexible schedule, work out your schedule to avoid the major rush hours in the morning and evening. There are many advantages to having a flexible work schedule and this is a big one. You can also get some work done in the morning while you wait for traffic to slow down, or just get in some more sleep.

Check into benefits your employer may have to offer for commuting costs. Federal law allows employers to offer benefits for transportation, parking and vanpooling. They may offer you a reduced fare on public transport or discounted parking at the train station. Go to your Human Resources representative and ask about these benefits.

If you take public transportation to work, look for discounts. The first thing you should do is invest in a yearly pass instead of a monthly because this will save you money in the long run. Also, look for other discounts they offer such as student or senior discounts.

Ride sharing and vanpooling is another way to reduce your commuting costs and it’s fun. Instead of taking that lonely and long drive to work alone, look for a coworker that lives nearby that you can share a ride with. Some state department of transportations offer databases to search for people that share the same schedule with you so you can ride-share with them. Look into your state department of transportation and find a ride-share partner and perhaps a new potential friend.

If your employer offers telecommuting then you can take a few days to work from home. This will cut your commuting costs and give you a break from the office atmosphere. Looking for another really inexpensive way to travel to work? Invest in a bike. They’re not nearly as expensive as a car, and they don’t cost as much to maintain. Unlike other transportation options this is the only one that will offer significant health benefits. Biking to work has become increasingly popular due to its environmentally friendly impact and low cost. There may be some coworkers that already bike to work and you can bike together.

Commuting to work can be a grind and a huge expense. Gas prices, tolls, and ride fare adds up over time. When it comes to reducing commuting costs you have many options at your disposal, so take advantage of them today.

SOURCE: BankRate
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