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How Personal Branding Can Help You

Opportunity knocks once, or sometimes not at all. Sometimes it comes knocking at 8 a.m. in an elevator on your way to work. Delivering your elevator pitch and projecting your personal brand at the right time to the right person could make or break your career. That’s why personal branding is so important; it’s the first thing somebody looks at and it can ultimately be the most significant. This is how a strong personal brand can lead you to the summit of your job field.

The beautiful thing about personal branding is that it’s personal. Your own brand is unique to you and is unlike anyone else. A personal brand that is exclusive can differentiate you from the rest of the pack. It’s important to stand out, whether it’s during an interview process or when looking at investors for that new concept you have. A strong personal brand can single you out from your competition and distinguish yourself and your product.
A strong personal brand gives you the opportunity to sell yourself. Your personal brand needs to contain what your strengths are and what benefits you bring to the table. Doing this gives the person you’re selling yourself to the reason as to why exactly they’re listening. Establishing your importance in your personal brand makes your pitch relevant to the listener and ultimately grabs their attention. It’s important to have someone’s undivided attention when selling yourself- pitches can last under a minute and you don’t want any aspect un-heard.

Having a personal brand and not shying away from displaying it puts you and your product on center stage. The more you present your personal brand, the more people are going to hear it. Even if you’re at home and the DIRECTV technician is fixing your satellite, throw them your pitch and get your name out there. Anything short of standing on a mountain top and screaming your name can only draw more attention to you and what you have to offer.

You know the tired old saying practice makes perfect? Well it’s a cliché because it’s true. Practice by delivering your personal brand to anyone and everyone. Practicing amongst co-workers is ideal. This practice will only benefit you in the long run. Delivering your brand is a skill and a skill takes practice. Author Daniel Levitin says it takes 10,000 hours to truly master something. It may take a whole lot of elevator pitches, but seizing every opportunity to showcase your personal brand will inch you closer and closer to perfection. And name me one employer, or one customer that doesn’t like perfection. Be careful though, a routine sounding elevator pitch can sound rehearsed and corny. Leave room in your personal brand for spontaneity. A pitch that is catered to one individual will likely impress the addressee and show they’re important.

SOURCE: Gadook

Chris Officer