Why Freelancing Is a Great Gig for College Seniors and How to Get Started

Making your own schedule and working from home are just a few reasons why more than one-third of the U.S. workforce currently freelances — and why half of American workers expected to do so by 2020. Freelancing can be an especially good option for college seniors looking to gain some extra experience, and extra cash, […]

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Does your Resume Pass the 6-Second Test? Put Yourself in the HR Hot Seat

According to a famous study by The Ladders, the average HR professional takes only 6 seconds to determine whether to trash or keep your resume. Overall, it’s a fascinating and commendable piece of research, and a great starting point towards a more scientific approach towards resume writing. With that said… 6 seconds? Really? On a gut level, a […]

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What Not to Post on Social Media During Your Job Search

The job search process is stressful, and many people feel pressure when it comes to how their social media presence appears during this time. Say the right thing and you may win some points in the eyes of a hiring manager. Perfect! On the other hand, one poorly worded tweet could quickly get your materials […]

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7 Steps to Creating Your Own Freelance Business

If you’re stuck in between jobs, there are so many reasons to consider freelance work, as Sitepoint clearly indicates.  The extra income alone is enough reason to create your own freelance brand, but figuring out exactly where to start and what to do can be challenging. If you’ve decided that you want to start freelancing, […]

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