Does your Resume Pass the 6-Second Test? Put Yourself in the HR Hot Seat

According to a famous study by The Ladders, the average HR professional takes only 6 seconds to determine whether to trash or keep your resume. Overall, it’s a fascinating and commendable piece of research, and a great starting point towards a more scientific approach towards resume writing. With that said… 6 seconds? Really? On a gut level, a […]

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How to Add Depth To Your Resume, Not Length

Your resume should be a unique look at who you are, both as a person and a professional. However when the resume is too long or becomes disorganized, it’s not appealing to a hiring manager. Utilize these tips in order to give your resume the kind of depth you need it to have, while still […]

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How Creative is Too Creative When it Comes to Resume Writing?

Your resume should show off your unique personality, so you want to make sure it doesn’t look like it could belong to your neighbor, brother, or best friend. But at the same time, an excess of creativity screams “unprofessional” and can turn a potential employer off. So how do you toe the line between personality-filled […]

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Important Tips on Resume Writing for Older Job Seekers

For older job seekers, the search process can feel daunting. You may worry about your ability to keep up with recent graduates who are fully aware of the latest technology and industry trends. You may also fear that hiring managers will see your age as a disadvantage. In reality, older job seekers are just as […]

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