How a Personal Website Enhances Your Job Search

Regardless of the field you’re in, a personal website significantly enhances your online presence, and can elevate your profile as you hunt for a new job opportunity. Whether you’re an artist, an engineer, a teacher, or something in between, establishing a presence online allows you to give potential employers a better look at who you […]

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We know job seekers have a video resume, a traditional resume, so many cover letters their hard drives can barely handle it, and a digital Rolodex of networking contacts to email or text when an opportunity arises. A new Forbes article argues there is a another tool, one which can house the previously mentioned tools, […]

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Creating an Effective Personal Website

A personal website is a neat little loophole job seekers can sneak onto their resumes during their job search. An ideal resume should only be one page long and accompanied by a cover letter of the same length, but that doesn’t give you enough space to really let the interviewer know what you can do. […]

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