How To Answer: What is Your Greatest Weakness?

This is probably one of the most common interview questions ever. Employers have been asking it for the longest time and the way you answer sheds a bit of light on you as an employee. Some people will tell you that you should answer this question with a strength, but that answer is not only […]

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How To Answer: How Would You Handle A Situation If Your Boss Was Wrong?

Everyone handles situations differently, right? That’s why it’s important to stress that it depends on the personality and management style of your boss when it comes to this question. It also depends on the situation. It’s a good idea to give an example of how you have had to handle a situation like this before. […]

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How To Answer: What Have You Done To Enhance Your Career Experience?

You can answer this question in three ways. You can talk about training you have done or your higher learning such as your masters or your degrees. If you are exploring the idea of taking a training class or earning a higher degree, you should mention that as well. There’s another way you can answer […]

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How To Answer: Are You Willing To Relocate?

Tough interview questions? No problem! Spark News here has got you covered. One of the most difficult questions to answer is “Are you willing to relocate?” With this kind of question it’s a good idea to stick to generalities. Tell them you’re willing to consider and if you are asked to come on board, then […]

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How To Answer: What Has Impacted Your Career The Most?

This question isn’t very difficult but it’s important that you make sure you stay away from mentioning this one thing. Mentioning it can really take away your chances at getting the job. Take a look below to see what you should stay away from when answering this interview question.