How to Find a Job YOU Love

Finding a job that suits your personality and long-term career desires can be exceptionally difficult, especially right after college graduation. But getting hired by an organization that you actually care about with a work environment you enjoy is the key to a happy work life. After all, the average American will spend 8.9 hours per […]

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Out of State Job Searches

Making the decision to pick up your life and move it somewhere else is a very large decision to make. Some people will never leave their hometown, save for vacations and other travel while others are nomadic in nature and need to constantly be on the move. One isn’t a better option than the other, […]

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What to Do When You’re Fired

Have you ever seen the movie The Fifth Element? If you haven’t, I would highly suggest you check it out because it’s one of the most awkward, futuristic, funky, and entertaining movies ever. Of course, this is just my opinion, but the intertwining talents of Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich is just great- but alas, […]

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