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Spark Hire Podcast This week the job seeker portion of the sparkCast touched on how and when job seekers should talk about their personal lives in a job interview, and how to handle a job offer on the spot. Talking about your personal life in a job interview is a slippery slope. Employers will often ask you the question, “Tell me a bit about yourself.” There are certain guidelines to follow in answering this popular interview question. You want to tie your answer into how it relates to the position.

We also discussed how to handle an on-the-spot job offer. When an employer offers you a job right in the interview, it can be both exciting and confusing. It’s a great offer, but is accepting it right away the correct thing to do? Tune into our podcast and listen to how you can handle this tricky situation.

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When to Talk About Your Personal Life in a Job Interview
Job Offer Series: How to Handle an ‘On-The-Spot’ Job Offer

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