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Obama’s Job Approval Rating

Recently, Spark News discussed how important a job creation plan is to American voters concerning the 2012 presidential election. In that same post, we discovered that 36 percent of Americans surveyed believe that Obama has the best jobs plan thus far out of all the presidential candidates. All other candidates were met with much lower approval rating percentages.

In light of this, Spark News wondered what Obama’s overall approval rating looked like for his entire term. Thankfully, with Reuters made the research process very simple when they posted this infographic showing just that. As you can see from the graphic, Obama’s overall approval rating has steadily decreased over the years and has only just recently started to increase a little. His approval rating reached its lowest levels in October of 2011 where it stood at only 38 percent. It’s not surprising that this is the time where we saw some of the worst job market figures. When paired side-by-side with Bush’s approval rating, Obama’s doesn’t look much different, or better for that matter. While Bush’s lowest approval rating was 29 percent, Obama’s lowest wasn’t too far behind.

Luckily for Obama, his approval rating has started to rise again and seems to currently be around 42 percent. This is good news for him as the 2012 presidential election is fast approaching and in order to be re-elected, Obama will need all the approval he can get. Take a look at the graphic to compare and contrast the approval ratings of the past three presidents and remember to think about the health of the job market during such ratings as well.


Nicole Nicholson

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