Video Resumes for Educators

Education is one of the cornerstones of society, and our educators are crucial to our success in life. So this week’s “Video resumes for…” segment is dedicated to our apple-loving heroes: educators. While it may seem as though educational facilities can often be stunted technology-wise, video resumes may be perfect outlets for educators in their job search.

Most educators spend their days in front of a difficult audience- the uninterested student. Yes, in our youth nearly all of us experienced that crucial moment where learning was fun and great, and we wanted to keep learning. How often was that the case, though? Weren’t we usually just sitting in class waiting for lunch or recess, or anything else but school. Teachers and educators have it rough with inattentive audiences; getting a crowd’s attention is a critical component of the job. So what better way to prove you can command an audience in your academic job search than by using a video resume?

For educators of higher education, adult education, and more, the understanding is that the audience wants to be there. However there is still a need to engage the audience. With the rise in online education, not to mention remote access for classroom teachers, the ability to capture an audience through video is critical. Being on camera can be very different than talking to a live audience in some cases, so demonstrating that ability up front with a video resume may differentiate you from everyone else in your job search. Utilizing a video resume in your job search can help show prospective employers that you can communicate through an increasingly popular medium.

Educators are leaders. They lead students, young and old, through new and exciting worlds. As such it makes sense that prospective teachers learn to use the popular technology their students will face in the present, and in the future. So in your job search as an educator, think about using a video resume to show the academic community the future, and prove you can keep up with trends while presenting in front of an audience.

Do you use video resumes in your job search? What job do you think would be a great job to use a video resume for? Share with us in the comments section below!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by dhaun