Job Market Improving For Graduates

Things just might be looking up for college graduates after all. We all know that it has been tough for everyone lately, but what about the hopeful college graduates that are sent off into the world bright-eyed and ready to start their career? Their job hunt is made extra difficult by their lack of experience […]

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Online Degree Infographic

With less money and time circulating through the market, online schooling as gained a large amount of popularity. In most cases it is not equivalent to a four-year university degree, but for those looking for a job in a specific, niched industry, online schooling is a great advantage that saves the student both time and […]

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9 of the 50 US States Have Increased Employment Bases

According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only nine states and the District of Columbia have been able to increase their employment bases since the year 2006 leaving the other 41 states behind. The nine states include New York, Texas, North Dakota, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alaska, Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota in addition […]

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